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Adrenal Solutions Summit

Why attend the Adrenal Solutions Summit?

Are you experiencing unexplained brain fog, weight gain, digestive problems, poor sleep and exhaustion?

Your adrenals could be overworked.

The Adrenal Solutions Summit could help you:

Understand the science behind adrenal dysfunctionRecognize the stages of adrenal fatigueUse detox, diet and supplementation for adrenal healthResolve hormonal headaches and migrainesReestablish hormone balanceMitigate the effects of […]

Anxiety Summit 5 – Gut Brain Axis

Why attend the Anxiety Summit 5?Anxiety is your body’s natural response to a threat. However, more people than ever before find themselves far too frequently in a state of chronic stress and anxiety. To make it worse, most have no idea there are options other than drugs or therapy to address it.

They’re never told that […]

Regenerate Yourself Masterclass

Why attend Regenerate Yourself Masterclass?This 2021 re-release of Sayer Ji’s Regenerate Yourself Masterclass includes new lectures by Sayer, interviews with Dr. Joel Bohémier and cooking demonstrations with Tania Melkonian.

You’ll learn how revolutionary new developments in biology can be used to help prevent and manage the most common health afflictions of our day: cancer, heart […]