Brain Degeneration Summit

Why attend the Brain Degeneration Summit?
Dr. Eckel became a health advocate after his wife, Sarieah, developed a rapidly progressing dementia, which they later found out was a very rare neurological condition called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Going through this process as a husband and physician, he experienced the lack of options patients with chronic neurodegeneration (and their caregivers) have.

He went through the gamut of symptom discovery, a struggle to diagnosis, choosing treatment options, and not to mention the emotional challenges that came along with supporting a loved one through a difficult time.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find a remedy for Sarieah.

But because of what they learned on their journey, Dr. Eckel became inspired to provide hope, insight and even remedies to patients worried about or struggling with brain health. He has now seen the “incurable” actually improve and resolve.

When you join Dr. Eckel at his event, you’ll see his perspective rooted in participatory patient care, and his mission to empower you with the knowledge and collective wisdom to create health for yourself, no matter whether you’re healthy or dealing with a health challenge.

Dr. Eckel’s Brain Degeneration Summit will help you answer questions about:

  • Root causes of brain degeneration
  • Reversing the impacts of stress and trauma
  • Detox testing and protocols
  • Nutrition for brain and immune system health
  • Positive approaches to dementia care
  • Self-care routines for caretakers
  • And so much more!

Are you or a loved one struggling with a diagnosis of dementia?

This can be a frightening and confusing diagnosis, and it isn’t really a diagnosis at all.

Dementia is a symptom (like pain is a symptom), and can have root causes in many different illnesses. A physician diagnosing “dementia” isn’t telling you (or doesn’t know) what is causing the deterioration of intellectual ability in the first place.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, a stroke, or even dehydration can cause dementia. And we now know that many of the things that can cause dementia are treatable, even potentially curable.

We’re here to discuss the latest in healing and support, because unless you know what is causing dementia you can’t begin to treat its root cause.

Do you or a loved one experience any of these symptoms?

  • Lose your train of thought easily
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Changes in mobility and balance
  • Sleep changes
  • Impaired cognition

These could be normal signs of aging, but they could be a forewarning of something more serious. The sooner you address the causes, the better chance you have of uprooting them.

With brain disorders, we often don’t have 17 years.
Not for ourselves. Not for our loved ones.

And it takes 17 years, on average, for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the conventional standard of care.

We can do better.

If you or a friend/family member are having a hard time remembering things — memory loss, brain fog, lack of mental clarity; I invite you to to join us for Dr. Greg Eckel’s Brain Degeneration Summit.
Be sure to mark your calendar for day 1 on June 7-13, 2021!

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Unlock Dr. Gregory Eckel’s eGuide, Elimination Diet, and take the guesswork out of which foods are affecting your brain functions!

"Elimination Diet" eGuide

Anyone with chronic symptoms of any kind should rule out the possibility that they are reacting to one or more types of food. It seems like a pretty straightforward task.

After all, symptoms are commonly caused by an exposure of some kind, and there is no greater source of exposure to our environment than through our foods.

The challenge here is that we all generally like what we eat.

If milk chocolate is your favorite sweet snack, you probably aren’t happy with the idea that the dairy or the sugar in that snack is associated with some chronic symptoms you are experiencing.

The 3-week hypoallergenic diet described in this book is a test for identifying foods that cause some kind of unhealthy reaction in your body. It isn’t fool-proof. It’s possible for this method to fail to identify an allergenic food. But in clinical practice, probably 80% of patients experience a reduction of their symptoms that range from slight to profound improvements.

In a 3-week elimination diet, avoid the following food groups (and later reintroduce them to check for reaction):

  • Gluten grains
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • Nightshades
  • Red meat
  • Peanuts
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar

With this step-by-step guide from Dr. Eckel, you’ll learn more about getting to the root imbalances impacting your health!

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Unlock Dr. Gregory Eckel’s Brain Health Supplement eGuide and discover his top brain health supplements that have shown success with patients in over 20 years of clinical practice!

"Brain Health Supplement" eGuide

In this eGuide, you’ll find some of the most prescribed supplements that Dr. Gregory Eckel has prescribed for his patients with chronic neurodegenerative conditions. This is not an exhaustive list.

Seek out a trusted source, licensed medical professional for proper support, and professional medical advice before starting any supplements or treatments.



Here are a few of the supplements Dr. Eckel prescribes to improve brain health:

  • HOCL/DMSO nasal spray
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Liposomal glutathione
  • Chinese herbs
  • Vitamin B6/ P5P
  • MCT Colada

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Brain Degeneration Summit taking place on June 7-13, 2021.

Unlock Dr. Gregory Eckel’s 106-page eBook, Shake it Off: An Integrated Approach to Parkinson’s Solutions, and learn an integrated, alternative and holistic approach to brain regeneration.

"Shake it Off" eBook

All too often, Dr. Eckel has seen people with Parkinson’s frustrated at their annual check-ins going through the usual battery of tests without any remedy or corrective strategies.

Dr. Eckel is here to talk about a different approach that addresses your specific needs and your many facets as the heart-centered, dynamic being you are.

He suggests taking a much broader holistic approach that looks to maximize the body’s ability to heal, removes any obstacles (toxicities), assesses other possible causes of neurodegeneration, and then addresses possible mental and emotional causes of disease.

Dr. Eckel will introduce you to a whole host of nontraditional but very promising therapies that could change your life. You’ll learn about a nasal spray used to calm neuro-inflammation, intranasal stem cell delivery, mind-body techniques to reverse anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, and so much more!

Shake It Off is for you if you are worried about developing Parkinson’s disease, have been recently diagnosed with it, or have been on the medications that either aren’t producing results or aren’t working as well as they have in the past.

Unlock this 106-page eGuide from Dr. Eckel today!

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Brain Degeneration Summit taking place on June 7-13, 2021.



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When you purchase the Brain Degeneration Summit you get the following.

41 brain-health experts here to inform you about innovative support (and regeneration!) for degenerative brain diseases — Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS and others. From cutting-edge therapies and immune system support to practical nutrition, mindset and movement recommendations, this information is vital to better understanding what’s working now and where we’re going in the future.


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Today, an estimated 50 million people worldwide are affected by dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease, 10 million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease, 2.5 million from multiple sclerosis. The incidence of Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) is 1 in 50,000 and of Huntington’s disease it’s 5-10 in 100,000.

We’re here to discuss the latest in healing and support, because finding treatments and cures for neurodegenerative diseases is a goal of increasing urgency.

Lean on the wisdom of our brain-health experts to help with…

  • Root causes of brain degeneration
  • Reversing the impacts of stress and trauma
  • Detox testing and protocols
  • Nutrition for brain and immune system health
  • Positive approaches to dementia care
  • Self-care routines for caretakers
  • And so much more!

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