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Anxiety Summit 6 – Toxins, Meds & Infections: November 2-8, 2020

We all experience anxiety. It’s your body’s natural (and normal) response to a threat.

A signal that something in your life needs attention.

Self-care is key to managing it, but understanding, identifying and addressing anxiety’s many root causes is paramount.

Anxiety can be related to your daily life experiences, but it can also be triggered by the foods you eat, environmental toxins, many types of medications and/or chronic infections like Lyme disease or candida.

Once you identify the root causes and understand anxiety’s mechanisms you can implement targeted, supportive solutions and get relief.

Your host, Food Mood Expert and certified nutritionist Trudy Scott, is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution and educates anxious individuals and practitioners about nutritional solutions for anxiety.

This is her 6th Anxiety Summit, featuring all new topics and the latest research related to anxiety and toxins, medications and infections.

Trudy also experienced many of these health challenges herself; lead and mercury toxicity, gluten issues, candida, and is currently dealing with chronic Lyme disease and dietary oxalate issues.

She’s here to share her journey and the solutions she’s found along the way.

We hope you’ll join us, be enlightened and find your solutions!

The Anxiety Summit 6 could help you with:

  • Overwhelm, worry & stress
  • PTSD, panic attacks, fears or phobias
  • OCD & obsessive thoughts or behaviors
  • Anxiety caused by exposure to environmental toxins
  • Understanding psychiatric impacts of infections
  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies & making dietary changes
  • Natural alternatives to anti-anxiety medications & antidepressants
  • And so much more!

You can truly get started on better health today!

When you register for The Anxiety Summit 6, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!

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Unlock Trudy Scott’s 14-page eGuide, Top 10 Surprising Nutrients for Toxin Support and Anxiety Relief, and discover research-backed nutrients and herbs that offer protection against toxins and provide anxiety relief!

image "Top 10 Nutrients for Toxin Support: report

Many nutrients and herbs that offer protection against toxins also provide mental health benefits, including anxiety relief. Trudy has gathered what she considers the top 10 that have recent evidence-based research supporting their use and also offer clinical benefits. You may even find some of their benefits surprising!

One of these nutrients improves sleep and reduces anxiety after traumatic brain injury, AND removes toxic proteins via the brain glymphatic system. Another one improves gut health and reduces noise-induced stress (and misophonia), AND may help prevent and reverse radiation-induced DNA and intestinal damage.



In this 14-page eGuide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ease physical anxiety and tension
  • Relieve mental anxiety, worry and ruminations
  • Boost mood and cognition
  • Detox and reduce compulsive hair pulling
  • Address sleep issues and reduce anxiety after traumatic brain injury
  • Optimize gut health and reverse intestinal damage
  • Improve cognitive impairment, neurotoxicity and ease depression
  • Safeguard yourself from EMFs
  • Protect your liver
  • And more!

Explore the mental health benefits of GABA, tryptophan / 5-HTP, spore-based probiotics, the essential oils of rosemary and lavender (and more!), while learning the surprising role supplementation, aromatherapy and nutrition can play in addressing toxins and reducing anxiety.

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Anxiety Summit 6 — Toxins, Meds & Infections taking place on November 2-8, 2020.



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Own The Anxiety Summit 6 – Toxins, Meds & Infections expert advice today!

Today, more than ever, people are finding themselves in a state of chronic stress and anxiety.

Most have no idea that treatment options go beyond medication – and that some medications may be making anxiety worse.

Additionally, toxins and/or infections — mold, pesticides, metals, oxalates, Lyme and more could be a root cause of anxiety.

Want to learn how toxins, medications and/or infections could be a trigger for your anxiety?

Let’s do it together!

Lean on the solution-oriented wisdom of our health experts to help with:
  • Supportive approaches to reduce anxiety
  • Supplementing key nutrients, including GABA, tryptophan & 5-HTP 
  • Identifying and reducing toxin exposure 
  • Liver / gallbladder support, lymph drainage & the glymphatic system 
  • Addressing the microbiome, vagus nerve & trauma 
  • Herbal & nutritional approaches for Lyme disease & mold toxicity 
  • Advanced protocols such as LDI & the PK protocol 
  • Safe tapering strategies for psychiatric medications 
  • Understanding genetic predispositions 
  • Using EFT, red light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen & sauna 
  • Natural alternatives to anti-anxiety medications & antidepressants 
  • And so much more!

Purchase The Anxiety Summit 6 – Toxins, Meds & Infections to receive the following FREE gift!

image "Gut-Anxiety Interviews"

Gut-Anxiety Interviews

Addressing gut health is foundational when dealing with anxiety that is triggered by toxins, meds and infections.

Take a deeper look at the connection between the gut and the brain, and find anti-anxiety solutions to re-establish gut health and get relief!
(Includes audio and transcripts.)

Gain unlimited access to these 6 expert interviews from Trudy’s Anxiety Summits 1-4:

  1. Microbes in the gut & psychobiotics for anxiety & depression, Dr. Ted Dinan
  2. Conquering those yeastie beasties (candida) once and for all, Dr. Mikell S. Parsons
  3. Fermented foods & probiotics for anxiety & depression, Julie Matthews
  4. Anxiety & digestion: the microbiome, stomach acid, bile & the vagus nerve, Liz Lipski
  5. The Parasite/Anxiety Connection, Ann Louise Gittleman PhD, CNS
  6. Gluten’s impact on the inflamed brain: reducing anxiety & depression, Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • Audio/video talks
  • PDF transcripts (& eBook)
  • Expert bonus guides, books & programs
  • Select Gut-Anxiety interviews from Anxiety Summits 1-4

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