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Adrenal Solutions Summit

Why attend the Adrenal Solutions Summit?

Are you experiencing unexplained brain fog, weight gain, digestive problems, poor sleep and exhaustion?

Your adrenals could be overworked.

The Adrenal Solutions Summit could help you:

Understand the science behind adrenal dysfunctionRecognize the stages of adrenal fatigueUse detox, diet and supplementation for adrenal healthResolve hormonal headaches and migrainesReestablish hormone balanceMitigate the effects of […]

Parasites: The Missing Link to Chronic Illness

Why attend Parasites: The Missing Link to Chronic Illness?Parasites, just the word makes my skin crawl! Botfly, giardia, pinworms and tapeworm just to name a few are things we like to think they are only found third world countries and not here in the good old USA.

We are mistaken of course, with all the immigration […]

Dental-Health Connection Summit

Why attend the Dental-Health Connection Summit?

Did you know your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body?

We usually look for a local family dental care provider but we should probably be educating ourselves about the critical role oral health plays in our overall health before we choose our dental care provider.

Think about […]

Metabolic Makeover

Why attend the Metabolic Makeover Summit?Your host, Dr. Lindsey Elmore, fully understands the burden of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic disease. During her residency, she witnessed how so many people simply did not feel good day after day and year after year. Their lives were a constant slew of doctor’s appointments and a […]

Eczema, Psoriasis & Skin Disease Masterclass

Why attend the Eczema, Psoriasis & Skin Disease Masterclass?When their infant son, Rocky, developed high grade eczema, Ryan & Teddy Sternagel cycled through dozens and dozens of different products trying to get him some relief, but nothing would touch it.

Once they understood that with chronic skin conditions, the path to true recovery is a two-way […]

Mind, Body & The Vagus Nerve Connection Summit

Why attend the Mind, Body, & Vagus Nerve Connection Summit?Your host, Dr. Eva Detko, became a health advocate through her own healing journey. Following a viral infection, she ended up bed-ridden with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

The conventional approach had no solutions for her, so she tackled the task of finding the root cause […]

EMF Health Summit

Why attend the EMF Health Summit 2.0?Your host, Lloyd Burrell, developed EMF hypersensitivity out of the blue, reacting negatively to anything and everything electrical.

Without answers from his doctors and being discounted for his belief that his cell phone could be causing his symptoms; he began the search for his own solutions. In his research […]

Digestion SOS Docusummit

Why attend the Digestion SOS Docuseries?Your host, Shivan Sarna, became a health advocate after finally being diagnosed with SIBO in 2015. Before her diagnosis, she had been struggling with digestive issues her entire life. She always thought she just had a “sensitive stomach” and “had to be careful” while suffering through the pain and embarrassment […]

Hidden Causes: The Fatigue & Autoimmunity Workshop

Why attend the Hidden Causes: Fatigue & Autoimmunity Workshop?Your hosts, Drs. Evan Hirsch and Tom O’Bryan, have made it their mission to help lift the burden weighing people with fatigue and autoimmunity down. Bringing together the world’s most elevated experts to share the most recent and innovative solutions in testing and treatment, they’re here to […]

Brain Degeneration Summit

Why attend the Brain Degeneration Summit?Dr. Eckel became a health advocate after his wife, Sarieah, developed a rapidly progressing dementia, which they later found out was a very rare neurological condition called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Going through this process as a husband and physician, he experienced the lack of options patients with chronic neurodegeneration (and their caregivers) […]