Anti-Cancer Revolution

Join us for the Anti-Cancer Revolution Summit on June 17-23, 2019; and discover natural ways to increase your cancer treatment options.

Learn from the world’s top natural healing experts, integrative doctors, and naturopathic oncologists.

This terrible disease has touched almost all of us; we either know someone personally or know of someone that has received this dreaded diagnosis.

For the host of the summit, Ryan Sternagel, he received this devastating news for his son’s first birthday: stage IV cancer.

His family was already living what they considered a “healthier than average” life: good food, active, happy.

Ryan took an active approach to this devastating news about his son.

He deeply researched the disease and how to protect his son from the damage of conventional treatments.

Ultimately, they shifted every aspect of their lives to remove the cause.

Now, he’ll share what he has learned (and continues to learn) from the world’s natural health and healing community.

And you can get all of this information for FREE for a limited time.


Attend the Anti-Cancer Revolution Summit

Attend the Anti-Cancer Revolution
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The Anti-Cancer Revolution is for YOU:

For all who need to supplement conventional treatment approaches with natural methods.

Or for those that want to seek alternative strategies to battle this disease.

Once you are in a fight with the Cancer monster, you need every weapon available to slay this destroyer.

These Anti-Cancer Revolution experts share natural ways to support your fight against cancer using:

  • Nutrition
  • Essential Oils
  • Homeopathy
  • Cellular Detox
  • Fasting
  • And much more

To help you get started on the path to better health, our host Ryan Sternagel is giving away the 10-page eChecklist: The Ultimate Cancer-Proof Home, to help you remove toxins from your home, starting today!

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Did you know, the vast majority of people, when diagnosed with cancer, STILL choose conventional chemotherapy and radiation?

They do this without understanding possible natural alternatives or how to prepare their bodies and minds for that conventional decision.

The Anti-Cancer Revolution will educate us about our options, no matter which path we take to battle this horrific disease.

If for some reason you are not able to attend the summit you can purchase the series and access it now or any time you like.

Purchase the Anti-Cancer Revolution

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Join us in the revolution to learn more about:

  • Root causes and targeted therapies
  • Asking more informed questions of your health care provider
  • Choosing the right foods and supplements
  • Anti-Cancer environments and lifestyle choices
  • Reducing toxicity and increasing treatment efficacy
  • Understanding alternative treatments
  • Cutting-edge cancer testing (to avoid relapse)
  • And more!

Furthermore, everyone who buys The Anti-Cancer Revolution is also supporting a child with cancer. A portion of every purchase will be donated to the “Cancer Response Team charity.”

This charity funds integrative cancer treatments and supplementation for kids.

This is not “research for a cure” down the road, but helping families obtain therapies that could help heal their children now.

Don’t miss The Anti-Cancer Revolution from June 17-23, 2019, free and online!

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