A Magnificent New Normal

A Magnificent New Normal: September 14 – October 24, 2020

Host, Jeffrey Smith, is a gifted interviewer who is always willing to go to unexpected places.

He created this event to provide an opportunity for us to come into alignment and envision what a new normal could look like – together.

Collectively, you could say we have lifted ourselves out of the deep grooves of our lives and we are now determining what our new grooves will look like.

This is the opportune time for wise input. This is the time to embrace vision, empowerment and new choices.

A Magnificent New Normal will help you answer questions like:

  • What is your vision for a post-pandemic civilization?
  • What inspires you to stand up and take part?
  • Do you feel a pull to become something magnificent?
  • As you step into full power, how can you bring it into the world?
  • How do you find your authentic voice?
  • Which daily habits do you want to upgrade and redefine?

Right now, you may have the tugging in your heart for something greater…

…this is a time of introspection, reevaluation and transformation, with a lot of positive outcomes. Sheltering-in-place for some has become a blossoming-in-place.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in your smallness, your fears or some limited definition of who you are, and looking to find your purpose?

Let’s put everything on the table: how we eat, think, act, relate and love, how we grow our food, our life’s purpose, what we hold dear. The time to engage our journey of transformation is NOW… not after we’ve settled back into old habits.

Your host of A Magnificent New Normal, Jeffrey Smith, is keenly aware of the principles and dynamics that inspire transformation.

As a gifted interviewer and consumer advocate, he has used these principles to help many millions of people make healthier choices.

He sees the massive disruption caused by the pandemic as an opportunity to plant the seeds of global transformation into the hearts of millions.

It’s not hard to see it. We have stepped out of the deeply etched habits of our lives.

We are in unfamiliar territory, often uncomfortable. Things are shifting. It’s a perfect time to insert new information to guide our transformation.

This moment is precious. How can we use it?

Each day, for 40 days, you’re invited to join visionary experts sharing tips, exercises and challenges to uplift each other and inspire global transformation — along with a dedicated online community going through the process at the same time!

Ready to propel yourself (and humanity) forward?

Let’s do it together!



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HealthMeans has unlocked some of their most influential interviews — gain insights from Jeffrey Smith as he is interviewed by 3 well-known health experts in this full-length transcripts eBook!

Image "Lets Talk with Jeffery Smith"

There is SO MUCH to be learned from these 3 interview transcripts — in fact, there are practically always amazing insights from these icons in natural health and wellness who have made it their mission to help heal the world!

In this 32-page document, you’ll learn from Jeffrey Smith as he is interviewed about these potentially life-changing topics:

  • Collateral Damage: How GMO Foods Wreck Your Gut and Cause Food Allergies
  • Hidden Ways GMOs Can Devastate Your Health
  • GMOs as Food Toxins

Here are some astonishing quotes from the interviews:

From Sean Croxton’s Interview with Jeffrey Smith
“The only human feeding study ever conducted on commercialized GMOs was done on soybeans. Soybeans are genetically engineered not to die when sprayed with Roundup, so they’re called Roundup-ready soybeans. They found that part of the Roundup-ready gene inserted into soybeans transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines. And it may have continued to function. Now, what this means is that if that happens, if it transfers and functions, then long after we stop eating GMOs, we may have these genetically-modified proteins produced continuously inside our own digestive tracts.”

From Sara Vance’s Interview with Jeffrey Smith
“Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt is naturally found in the soil. And it kills certain insects by breaking open little holes in the walls of their intestines or stomachs and killing them. So you can spray Bt on a crop and kill these insects. But then it will wash off and biodegrade. But the genetic engineers engineered the gene that produces this Bt toxin into corn and cotton. You can’t wash it off. It doesn’t biodegrade. It’s thousands of times more concentrated than the spray form. And it’s in the food we eat.”

From Dr. Deanna Minich’s Interview with Jeffrey Smith
“Zucchini, yellow squash, and papaya are designed with viral genes to fend off a particular plant virus. And it produces viral proteins. And the viral proteins that are produced by these can create toxic reactions and potentially promote cancer. They can also help dismantle the body’s ability to prevent viral infections. So they dismantle viral defenses. That’s another way that we can have a toxic type reaction with GMOs.”

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Own a Magnificent New Normal expert talks!

The global shutdown shifted our world into a “phase transition.” These are magical windows of opportunity found throughout nature, where profound change is possible.

In chemistry, for example, the quality of the drops that you add during a phase transition determines your success. Not before. Not after.

Let’s take advantage of this critical window and initiate our own transformation.

If we simply get our old lives back, it will become one of the greatest wasted opportunities in history!

This unfamiliar, uncharted time as we emerge from the pandemic can bear the most fruit.

Ready to propel yourself (and humanity) forward? Let’s do it together!

Lean on the wisdom of empowered visionary leaders to help

  • Step into the truth of who you are
  • Call your future into the present
  • Learn how systems transform & see your role as change-maker
  • Add simplicity, ease & loving kindness
  • Move past fear
  • Create new habits & replace old ones
  • Deepen intuition & knowing
  • Revitalize your relationships
  • And so much more!

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