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Join us for the Get Off Your SUGAR summit, FREE & Online from March 23-29, 2020.

If you are a sugar addict like me then learning things you can do right now to stop eating sugar or at least learn easy ways to cut down on how much sugar you eat is a good thing.

Your host, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, has personally struggled with and healed from sugar addiction and pre-diabetes.

He became a health advocate after witnessing his father struggle with sugar addiction and cancer.

He vowed to do everything in his power to prevent people from suffering the way that his father did.

He created The Get Off Your Sugar Summit to illuminate sugar’s insidious effects and share how to kick the sugar habit.

Dr. Gioffre is here to help you understand and combat the symptoms of sugar addiction.

The Get Off Your Sugar Summit could help you with:

  • Overcoming grain and sugar addiction
  • Dietary shifts to mitigate sugar’s effects
  • Tips and techniques for making healthier decisions
  • Finding hidden sugars in everyday foods
  • Getting your kids off sugar
  • Transitioning from sugar burning to fat burning
  • Creating gut health
  • And more!

Daryl Gioffre, DC, has spent the last few months gathering the right experts, information and protocols to help you understand the true causes behind sugar addiction and how you can leave sugar behind to regain your health and energy.

Every day, he helps his patients regain their health by uncovering root causes of inflammation and chronic illness and creating comprehensive and sustainable plans for healthy changes.

His approach is one of moderation, not deprivation, using cutting-edge nutrition to help you achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and energy.

He’s here to help you by sharing that wisdom.

I hope you will join us for the Get Off Your Sugar Summit, FREE and online March 23-29, 2020.

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In the last 100 years, sugar consumption has skyrocketed. The average American now consumes at least a half-pound of sugar per day (that’s 130 pounds every year!) — directly contributing to the development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cancer and other significant health problems.

Sugar adds an additional 500 calories a day to our diet (and waistlines!) and is often hidden where you would least expect it.

It’s snuck its way into our so-called “health” foods, like yogurt, oatmeal, granola, protein bars, fruit juices, pasta sauces and salad dressings.

Over 80% of the foods you buy in grocery stores come with hidden sugars!

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Crave sugar and carbs?
  • Have trouble losing weight?
  • Suffer from headaches?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Often feel tired and sluggish?
  • Regularly deal with digestion issues?
  • Struggle with diabetes?
  • Feel better when you eat sugar?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you could be addicted to sugar — whether you realize it or not!

During this important health event our experts explain the ways sugar can hijack your health and offer strategies to get off your sugar so you can live your best life, with renewed energy and optimal health.

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There’s NOTHING Free About Gluten-Free! – PETER OSBORNE, DC, DACBN, PSCD

In this video, learn:

  • Avoid this food to live a long, healthy life 
  • Reason you can’t kick carbs and sugar
  • Truth about rice, corn and soy

Advice From the Holistic Momma Doc – ELISA SONG, MD

In this video, learn:

  • Integrating healthy sugars from whole foods
  • Enhancing brain development with food
  • Reversing childhood diseases through dietary changes

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Kick Sugar – FLORENCE CHRISTOPHERS, CHC

In this video, learn:

  • Addiction or bad habit?
  • Getting off sugar without using willpower
  • Sugar abstinence vs. sugar freedom

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10 Plant-Based Keto Recipes eGuide – FROM DARYL GIOFFRE, DC

Burn belly fat, get energized and lose weight! You’ll receive 10 plant-based, keto recipes that will turn you into a fat-burning machine.

10 Keto Fat Bombs to Burn Fat, Not Sugar! eGuide – FROM DARYL GIOFFRE, DC

Indulge on these sweet treats that can actually help you lose weight! Burn belly fat and increase energy with these delicious fat-bomb recipes.

7 Sugar Hacks to Crush Cravings eGuide – FROM DARYL GIOFFRE, DC

Sugar intake is linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, fatigue and Alzheimer’s disease. Get to the root cause of your sugar cravings and use these 7 strategies to end your sugar addiction for good!

Let’s “Talk” About SUGAR eBook – FROM HEALTHMEANS

Enjoy reading these 3 expert talk transcripts pulled from the 1000s of talks in our HealthMeans library! In this 33-page document, learn about “Sugar’s Contribution to Heart Disease” with JJ Virgin, “The Sugar-Cancer Connection” with Ty Bollinger and “Sugar and Healing the Gut” with Dr. Vincent Pedre!

4 Daily Habits That Give Your Body No Choice But to Lose Weight! eGuide – FROM BECKY GILLASPY, DC

Dr. Gillaspy shares strategies for getting off sugar, kicking cravings and eliminating late-night snacking.

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