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Your Best Sleep Ever!

Why attend the Your Best Sleep Ever! summit?Your host, Misty Williams, dealt with a variety of sleep and fatigue issues stemming from low hormones, hypothyroidism, extreme stress, Epstein Barr Virus and unexplained weight gain that had her snoring at night.

She found that by changing one simple sleep protocol, she was able to wake feeling refreshed […]

Best of The Essential Oils Revolution

Attend the Best of The Essential Oils Revolution: May 18-24, 2020

Why Attend?

Your host, Dr. Eric Zielinski, never intended to leave his career as a public health clinical researcher and medical writer; he became an essential oils advocate after he was commissioned to write a series of public health reports about essential oils.

While immersed in the […]

Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution

Join us for The Non-Toxic Beauty Revolution: Free & Online March 9-15, 2020

Did you know that ONLY 2% of women think they’re beautiful?

Pop culture is designed to sell us products by infusing our minds with an unattainable definition of beauty, and the majority of beauty products are infused with harmful chemicals disguised by clever branding […]