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Body Electric Summit: October 7-13, 2019

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At a time when societies are seeing collective health, quality of life and environmental health decline rapidly,

The Body Electric Summit is here to show us how to reverse these recent trends, healing and shifting the entire paradigm of chronic disease and quality of life. 

This summit will scientifically demonstrate energy, frequency and vibrational healing as part of the recipe for a long, healthy life.

In fact, one of the techniques you’ll learn about is Autonomic Response Testing (ART).

ART is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam which measures changes in muscle tone.

It produces the most reliable and consistent responses over other forms of muscle testing, going deeper into matrix and inter-cellular levels.

ART was developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

It has become a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped transform many practices into healing centers — and helped many practitioners evolve into accomplished holistic physicians.

Dozens of the world’s leading experts in nutrition, exercise, longevity, integrative health, anti-aging and lifestyle medicine will be sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise at this one-of-a-kind event.

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The Energy Hygiene Guidebook

Energy Hygiene Guidebook Gift

Stop and think about everything you do with your body in just a single minute.

Think about every breath you take, every beat of your heart. You move your limbs, you blink your eyes, you think about what you’re going to do in that next minute and the next one and the next one.

A lot happens in a minute.

Your body never truly stops, not for one second. Even when we’re sleeping your body is healing itself, your brain is communicating with the rest of the body and everything keeps functioning. Every single moment your body is doing something, and every single action requires energy.


We are built to self regulate and to heal, but we can’t do that if we don’t have the energy we need. And unfortunately, our modern world is increasingly becoming energy depleting. We’re constantly being bombarded by waves and vibrations that are harming our bodies. Everyday seemingly benign and harmless technology is affecting our health. You couple that phenomena with the mounting daily stress and tension of the average individual, and the body itself cannot maintain the energy it needs to heal and stay healthy.

In order to recover, in order to have the energy we need for everything in our lives, we need to look at the source of our problems. A lack of energy is the symptom, not the cause. In order to recover from a chronic illness, we need to apply therapeutic strategies that address not only biochemistry but often biophysics as well. Disease starts when there are energetic imbalances and blocks in the energy flow within the body.

Understanding and practicing basic energy hygiene is a powerful way to maintain and reclaim your health.

With checklists, protocols for daily hygiene and steps to clean up your home, this eGuide is definitely not to be missed!

When you download this eGuide, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Body Electric Summit taking place October 7-13, 2019 — over 30 experts teaching you about energy, frequency and vibrational healing!

The Rainbow Diet health guide

The Rainbow Diet health guide

The Rainbow Diet was designed by nutritionist, Dr. Deanna Minich, not as a quick fix, but as a new approach to food, eating and your life.

Rather than depleting and depriving, it’s life-giving and nourishing.

Rather than being about rules, it’s freeing you into the flow of you.

Did you know: every food and nutrient has a “color code.”

The Rainbow Diet is a comprehensive holistic health guide that helps you to understand the physical and energetic properties of foods through their colors.

When you eat food according to their “colors,” you’ll begin to live a more colorful, radiant, vibrant life!

The Rainbow Diet includes:

  • A holistic, novel system to understanding foods and dietary supplements
  • An organized framework to align your body, psychology, eating and living
  • A personalized questionnaire to help identify and tackle individual health concerns
  • Recipes and daily activities to help you heal and flourish
  • Guidance to ensure you stick to you goals

When you download this guide, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Body Electric Summit taking place October 7-13, 2019 — over 30 experts teaching you about energy, frequency and vibrational healing!

Order the Body Electric Summit

If you don’t want to wait to access this information or maybe the schedule does not fit with yours, then you can purchase the series and enjoy all of the presentations now or whenever you like.

Here’s some of the information you will have access to when you purchase the Body Electric Summit: October 7-13 2019.

  • Discover the power of red light and photo-dynamic therapies
  • Understand bio-magnetism, bio-energy and beyond
  • Learn to crack your energetic code
  • Determine if you’re highly sensitive to energy
  • Leverage pulsed EMF and neuro-feedback
  • Support your body and energy by healing old trauma
  • And more!

Chronic illness is often the result of imbalances in how our cells communicate.

Cells that are overwhelmed by toxins, EMFs, poor nutrition/GMOs and lifestyle choices ultimately lead to a compromised immune system.

Learning the energetic ways your body and cells communicate is powerful, and we’re here to teach you how to access and use those pathways.

When you purchase The Body Electric Summit you will also receive the following FREE gifts!

Tap Into Life eBook – Unleash the power of EFT/Tapping for health and healing! Includes links to videos, a description of tapping, tapping scripts and how to use EFT to create a better life.

Intuition Energetics eCourse and eWorkbook – Your intuition is WAY more tangible than you think. This eCourse is designed to help you connect with your intuition in a clear and tangible way.

Energy Self Care eKit – Clear, recharge and make the most out of your energy. You’ll receive 3 professionally-recorded audio meditations and activation’s with binaural beats to help you reconnect with your breath, ground your body, relax and relieve stress. 

7 Steps to Healing Childhood Emotional Trauma and Building Resilience – Learn how your childhood biography becomes your biology as an adult when you calculate your Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) score. This unique eBook will empower you to understand how these 7 steps can help heal childhood trauma and improve your health!

Order the Body Electric Summit and get instant access to these information packed presentations.

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